Her interest in me is declining and I don't know why or what should I do?

Ok so I and this girl are friends, we met two months ago. we talk every day while playing online games together. things escalated and we actually became real-life friends. There isn't much common stuff between us. the only common interest between us is online games. Now at first, she was so interested in me and gave me a lot of her time and attention. Recently she has been really stressing about the game because there's some stuff that she can't do (I managed to do it) and I'm really trying my best to help her do that stuff, I'm encouraging her and being like her psychiatrist and telling her to be calm and not to get mad about that stuff but the problem is she just doesn't take my words, sometimes she even blames me indirectly and when I address it she just says she wasn't talking about me.
besides the gaming stuff there are somethings that I noticed and I'll say it because it may make a difference in how you can think in my situation, she's good-looking and she's a social person. Apparently, she's straight but she doesn't date any guys and I can really tell that there're tons of guys who fell for her, and she didn't get in a relationship with one of them. She really knows how to manipulate guys and use them as spawns to do her stuff. Her mood swings completely like sometimes she's into me and interested to talk and sometimes she's completely off and mad at me.
Now, I actually like her and I really care about her and I want to either fix her or make her into me. I'm trying to do this in the least way of hurting myself because our relationship right now is so oriented around her and I can't make it around me. she isn't interested in how I feel or if I care about her or not.
Sorry for making this long , what do you think should I do?
Her interest in me is declining and I don't know why or what should I do?
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