Was she ever interested in the first place or was making an excuse?

I used to hook up with this girl

everything was fine, she would drive up an hour once a week to come see me and we would have a fun time together.

until one day she stopped coming to see me. I messaged her about it and she said she wouldn’t be able to see me anytime soon and she won’t have time cause she’s moving.

So I took it as she wanted me to come see her instead, so after I asked her she gave me a day to come over.

i didn’t make till later that night to her place but the vibes were off, she said why I took forever and I told her I was visiting my friends too.

regardless after that day she stopped communication altogether (last thing she told me was I made her feel bad)

months later I reach out to her and apologized, she told me she wanted to see me so I told her I would let her know when she come come

days goes by and she messages me saying “ I don’t understand why you reached out If you didn’t want to see me” and then she deleted me off everything

months goes by again and I reached out to her telling her I miss her and I want to see her

she told me she was tired of waiting for me.

after a couple more months I messaged her one last time saying I really wanted to see her and to give me a chance

she said yes, she told me to come visit her at 3 on Tuesday and she’ll take the day off

the day comes around and I was hanging out with my friends but they wanted to smoke, so I told her I wouldn’t be there by 5 if that’s okay and she said it’s okay.

then she messaged me at 4 and says how long till I get there and I told her I won’t but there till 7-8 and she told me to not come anymore that this isn’t going to work out.

i don’t understand why she says yes but does this?
Was she ever interested in the first place or was making an excuse?
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