Interested or not?

So this week I told a girl who I met through a zoom meeting (found her on tinder later on lol) that I was interested in getting to know her better and asked if she was interested in that. I also said it was okay if she wanted to remain friends. No hard feelings, etc. She then completely ignored the question, but continued the conversation. And yes the message went through. Lol. She then said we probably don't have anything in common to which I responded, "but they say opposites attract, right?" Her response was "negative lol". Then I said "There's two sides to that coin. But if you're too scared to get to know me I guess we'll never know.🤷🏾‍♂️😉" been 24 hours since my last message. I really am interested in her, but im also not amused with games like this. Im tempted to forget she exists and give my energy, focus, and hopes elsewhere. What do you guys/ladies think?
Interested or not?
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