Is this my fault?

So, when I was 14, I met a 45 year old man online. He was really nice and talked to other girls who were my age or younger. I Used to talk to him about school life and such and he'd show me dick pics as well as having some from other girls. I felt like it was my fault because I'm 14 talking to a older guy and I should of known better and been more responsible for myself so I never reported it. After all, I should of ignored him instead of giving into his niceness. - don't you guys agree?
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1 y
Not 14 anymore but I still feel like It was my fault and I should of been more grown up. But let's be honest, when a person is sexyully assulted, the person who did it gets away with it most of the time and the victim is going to be blamed. - that's why I never reported it and don't plan on ever doing it.
1 y
Now people are telling me this is unrealistic and would never happen in real life- but whatever. This is exactly why I never said anything about it.
Is this my fault?
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