Should I keep putting up with this?

I love her to death. And she says she loves me, but sometimes she is just so verbally mean to me. She is going through hell in her life and I'm the only one left in her life that's trying to help. Walking away and abandoning her is not an option, I won't do that so don't even go there. I'm just trying to help and she is taking so many things from other people out on me. If I did that to her she would be so pissed. She gets defensive and I try to explain, But there's no point cuz she turns it around on me. But I'm not allowed to get defensive cuz apparently I do it all the time for everything. (Yeah maybe cuz I have a fucking spine) I will defend myself but I never do it in a disrespectful way. And she never cusses me out or anything like that. It's just some of the things she says seems like she's relating me to other people who have been assholes to her recently. Eventually she apologizes for it, but how many times is reasonable for her to repeat the same behavior? Like she always apologizes for it, but it keeps happening. Apologizing shouldn't make it ok? I feel like everything I put up with will be worth it in the end.
Should I keep putting up with this?
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