Why do *some* "women" love Daniel Hernandez (AKA Tekashi69 or 6ix9ine)?

Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez
Ditto - with "women"
Ditto - with "women"
Another "woman" in his shows, Nicki Minaj
Another "woman" in his shows, Nicki Minaj

Accusations of domestic violence against Hernandez first came to light in early 2019, including a detailed Daily Beast article that featured testimony from the rapper's ex-girlfriend (and the mother of his daughter), Sara Molina, that he beat her over a period of seven years—a timeline that corresponds to Hernandez's own admission, though no names of victims were mentioned in court. Molina told the Daily Beast about numerous incidents of abuse, including one beating in Dubai that left her face so swollen that she says, "I could barely open my eyes."

On September 10, 2019, Hernandez admitted to years of domestic violence in a cooperation agreement. A section of Hernandez's cooperation agreement with the government, which had not previously been made public, listed a number of crimes that he committed, and for which the government agreed not to prosecute him.

On July 12, 2018, Hernandez was arrested in New York for an outstanding warrant related to an incident where he allegedly choked a 16-year-old in The Galleria shopping mall in Houston, Texas, in January 2018. All charges were eventually dropped after the teenager decided not to take legal action.
When Molina denied cheating on him, she says he punched her out of nowhere, driving "a hair extension into her scalp." "I was leaking blood," she said. "There was blood on the hotel pillow cases. He got scared." Molina told the Daily Beast that she didn't report the assaults to the police, though she provided the news outlet with photos she said were taken shortly after the attacks, showing bruises and cuts. She continued to detail that Hernandez proceeded “beating me for two hours straight,” she claims “He punched me so hard in my right ear I thought I was deaf.” Molina describes that Hernandez punched, kicked and choked her, leaving her with two black eyes and multiple bruises.
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She then went on to detail that he sexually assaulted her next morning, “He woke up, forced me to have sex with him,” she said. “I cried.” Molina described another incident that took place in April 2017, in which 6ix9ine beat her in a car in front of her daughter, then a year old, who started screaming and crying. Molina alleges that after she questioned Hernandez about a stripper he had been hanging out with, “He dragged me by my hair and slapped me in my face,” which resulted in a black eye.
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I don't see this pattern in contrast to, say, Juice WRLD (Rest in Peace, Juice).

He (Juice WRLD) was living in Los Angeles with his girlfriend, Ally Lotti, at the time of his death. The pair revealed that they were dating via Instagram in November 2018.
Why do *some* "women" love Daniel Hernandez (AKA Tekashi69 or 6ix9ine)?
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