Do they have photo on the wall?

Was accused of stealing from lingerie store when I didn't in London Oxford Circus. After proving my innocence emptying my bag the assistant says you always exchange you don't know your size in a patronising tone of voice instead of apologise for making a mistake. I think she was using it as a excuse to accuse me of stealing. I never met this assistant before. She was very rude and unwelcoming towards me. Staff think I return/exchange too much and I'm not from the area to do too much. Staff should know better about the struggle big boobed girls have to deal with finding the perfect fitting bra. If you ask or do they treat you like a criminal for it. I stopped visiting the store for a year then returned and made one simple exchange the visit after that I'm accused and they remember me. I didn't meet police and left as normal never to come back. Despite spending nearly eighty pounds in the previous store I had visited that day I shown her I'm treated like a thief. I've been to the police and they say they can't do anything despite me being harassed and stalked by them. I've contacted customer services and awaiting a response. Do they have the same staff working there with good memory? Do they have my CCTV still image photo on the wall? Do they have facial recognition that let's them know when I enter the store?
Do they have photo on the wall?
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