Do you think Cardi B had what happened to her coming to her?

I never thought of asking this till now cause I was reminded of it by seeing something a girl I follow post that was along the same lines as the tendencies and habits Cardi B exemplified.

But for those of you who are not aware.

Basically Offset and Cardi B. Were married, had kids. Etc.

And they are now going through a divorce.

Apparently because she caught Offset banging other women...

Well, I’m not going to sit here and say that it’s ok for anyone to cheat.. BUT. I will say that I do not have sympathy for a woman of the likes of her, cause literally weeks before she announced this to the world.

She made a song about her “wet ass punani”

On top of acting very rauchy. If she was a woman of class I would not be thinking the same way, but like the saying goes. You treat people the way you wanna be treated.

And in this case, Cardi B wanted to act like a hoe. So her husband and father of her children saw her as such.

Nothing wrong with a woman showing off her sex appeal... but this lady took that shit to extreme lengths. I even recall many women being repulsed by her behavior saying it was “too much”

Do ya’ll agree?
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Do you think Cardi B had what happened to her coming to her?
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