Should I re text her?

So after around 3 months I (24m) chose to reach out to my ex. (24f)

I opened with sort of an inside joke, she answered, and she seemed happy to hear from me.

I proceeded to ask how she was doing and she sent a long text, telling me about how she has changed and about her new job and so on. She also asked me how I was doing.

I answered her about how I was and asked her about the job, and then I haven't heard from her since.. she read the message, but didn't answer. Which makes me sad because I was going to try and ask her if she wanted to meet in my next text.

I have waited for her answer for a day now, and my question to you guys is.. should I ask her if she wants to meet? Or should I forget about that since she hasn't answered?
(Maybe she was busy and just forgot)

Thank you in advance.
Forget about it, she might remember and answer
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Ask her if she wants to meet, after a few days
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Should I re text her?
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