Is this considered body shaming?

Hello so today I went bridesmaid dress shopping with the bride and other three bridesmaids. The lady who was helping us out was a young and skinny women. At some point while trying on dresses, I asked her I am normally a size 12 so I will try on a 12. So she brings it out and it’s actually too small so I sized up to a size 14 which was a little snug in the waist yet lose on the boobs, but no big deal about the waist because I’m losing weight and I liked how it looked even if it was a little snug. However I couldn’t get the very top to zip.. so she says with an attitude “it’s too small you need a size 16”... then comes an older nice woman who also worked there and said ohhh that looks so nice on you here let me zip it up for you and she did!. Well anyways when I was about to leave she says oh wait do you want me to order you the dress and I said sure and she said okay size 16 right? and I was like I think I’ll do the 14 actually And she was like but it was too tight on you with an attitude... and I told her it wasn’t that tight the size 16 would be too huge on the boobs for me and I’d rather do the 12 either way the wedding is till next year in November I just need to lose 8/10 pounds for it to fit perfectly in the waist. And she didn’t say anything and just proceeded to put down my dress size on her iPad to place the order. Then we started looking at shoes and I was leaving already so I said bye to the bride/bridesmaids and I told the lady who worked there that I’ll just order the dress online instead. And she said okay you want me to write down the dress number code and I said yes. She comes back and again she puts down that I need a size 16 after I already told her I am getting the 14. I just felt very rude and uncomfortable she made me feel so big like I was over pouring from the dress or something when reality it was fine... what do you think?
Is this considered body shaming?
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