I’m dating a man with kids and his baby mother seems heartbroken. What do you think?

When I first met this guy I though he was really handsome. I know it’s a bit invasive but this is the age of technology and so I utilized what I have to lurk and see about him. His own Facebook page is great, tells me he is a standup guy who loves god and basketball. His baby mamas page seems a bit different. First of all, I seen her in person once and I thought she was pretty but my coworkers said she wasn’t. I didn’t talk to her because I had only seen her in pictures before that day and I didn’t want to be rude or say “hey I’m talking to your baby daddy.” Me and him aren’t serious at all but if I would consider being serious with him I just want to know more about him. And from the things his baby mother posted on her Facebook she obviously seems kind of broken hearted. Coming from a woman who has been there, it’s clear as day to me. I don’t want to cause anybody any more heartache but it kind of seems like she despises him. She shares posts about being played, about being broken, about karma-one of the posts she shared a while back stuck out to me. It said that some men deserve women who will treat them like nothing because they can’t appreciate good women. I am not a woman who will intentionally treat anybody like trash but one thing I wish I could do is be the good or bad karma for whomever deserves it. But I didn’t look too much at her page because it was causing me to be really curious about why they aren’t together and why he had to take her to court to get joint custody of their son because she wouldn’t let him see his son (from what he told me). She just seems very hurt and don’t get me wrong, if he is moving on she should too. But I don’t want to get played and she clearly feels like he played her unless the shade is directed at someone else and not him
I’m dating a man with kids and his baby mother seems heartbroken. What do you think?
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