How do I let her know I’m lesbian?

There’s this girl that I like at school. I play basketball and we’ve gotten kind of closer over the past few weeks as much as we can with all this going on. I’m a girl too and I think she likes me but I could be wrong.

She asked after school if we could hang out one day and I could help teach her how to play basketball and dribble. I think she wants to learn but like I said I think she also likes me a little.

When we do this, how do I let her know I like her. I’m sure she’s going to make a move but I’m not all the way sure. I try to get really close to her sometimes but like I said it’s hard to touch because of the pandemic

After school it’s just going to be me and her and I think we trust each other enough. Is there a certain way I can touch her while teaching her, I don’t want to come right out and say it. What should I do?
How do I let her know I’m lesbian?
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