Should I unfollow her and just move on?

I met this girl from another state when she was in my town. We hit off like crazy. We talked all the time and made plans to meet. We planned the trip for me to visit and the day before I was supposed to fly out and meet her, she told me she was diagnosed with Covid-19 and even sent me test results.

I was so bummed, but everything was booked and paid for and I went anyway, knowing that I couldn't see her.

Long story short, I had friends in the city and they took care of me. I went out shopping one day and low and behold. I bumped into her in the mall. She was so embarrassed and ran away.

When we spoke later, I asked her why she did it, and felt as the trip got closer that I was too into her. I was so heartbroken.

More to the story. I found out she had muted me from seeing her Instagram stories, but she was out hanging out with another guy, who had blocked me from seeing hia account.

I'm just so confused. She's just gone from being so into me, making a countdown of my visit, to all of a sudden going so cold. I'm lost and I can't even sleep properly. Any advice ladies?
Should I unfollow her and just move on?
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