Is she interested at me at all or is she just friendly?

I met her at work, she is 4 years younger than me, I bit the bullet and I gave her my number after we talked a couple of times and she gave me hers, told her to contact me anytime and she said likewise.
I was taking a couple of days off work and I decided to send her a message to ask her how her day was. She didn't reply, the next day I was at work and I didn't talk to her, I didn't want to be a creep since I thought she ignored my message. She came up to me and she asked me if I was the one who sent the message cause she deleted it by accident. I said yea and she explained how it happened over ten times over and over. I told her that even if it wasn't an accident it was obviously fine cause she has every right to not respond if she doesn't want to. She told me that she was thinking it was me but she didn't want to give me the wrong impression. Which I think means I am pretty much doomed.
For better or worse I complimented her a couple of times and I showed her without being pushy that I am interested when we were leaving work and we were heading home, we live close so I asked her if she wanted to walk with me and she said yes.
Should I take things slowly and she what happens? She seems to have a good time when we are together, we laugh, she asks me questions about me, she told me about a health issue she has etc etc.
We have talked for an hour total or so, but I don't know if she just friendly.
1 y
So we were talking about the weather, it is really rainy and a mess in general. Things will change starting tomorrow and I asked her if she would like to go for walking (we have quarantine and the coffee shops are closed). She turned her head away from me and said: ehhhhh yea, we will see.
So yea she isn't interested at all, judging from her reaction.
Is she interested at me at all or is she just friendly?
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