Are good women nowadays a needle in the haystack?

It seems inevitable that finding a good woman is like finding a needle in the haystack. As in one in a million. Back then, women were easier to impress, but now with the internet, they're more demanding than ever. It was easier for the nerd to find the right one at the bar back then, but now, unless he's rich, women see no point in having him when she can see the alpha male from 15 miles from her location in this new tech guided society.

Plus obesity is an epidemic hitting the millennials, so it's even harder to impress even the average women who has more men asking her out and rejecting the vast majority of them.

It has now gotten to the point that a good number of men cannot take it anymore and have decided that getting married and starting a family is not worth the hassle and have decided to spend whatever money they earn on themselves.

Now I have started to see one of the main reasons for the decline in birthrates, save for immigrants. Local women in the Western world have gotten increasingly demanding to the point that women from third world nations are more likely to breed than them. I wonder how things will look if birthrates decline too much to the point of the population aging heavily.
Are good women nowadays a needle in the haystack?
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