Can a female answer this please?

so this girl which is my co worker i already known her for 3 weeks she's been giving me subtle weird flirtacious signs but i dont really pay no mind to it, tbh im not sure if its flirty or being nice, so the first couple days we were vibin and shii, talkin bout music and smoking at work, there's so many times where she ask to leave together with me to either smoke or go home, but i always denied. there's this co worker that we think he's gay, i guess to understand my sexuality she asked me, do i think... is gay i tell her I don't know, then she goes i am going to tell him my name is cute to see what he says, i then tell her "No!', she then goes "Okay, so hours pass that day, she ask you have a girlfriend nervously, i then tell her i am talkin to someone, then she goes "Oh i was going to put you on with my friend", nervously she says. i then dont pay no mind, lol. So today she ask for my number, and goe, " i was trying to text you on Monday, but you ignored me." then i go"Oh really, about what she goes"I was trying to hang out with you. Then i tell her, I am going to give you my new number. so today she text me first , we talk random shit then she ask what am i doing, i tell her, then shen she goes, "I been trying to chill with you for mad long", i tell her we going to link up, then she goes i want to see how much you really smoke, i tell her how much i can smoke, she then goes, "I can't hang" . Whats this girls intentions is she trying to fuck.
Can a female answer this please?
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