Whats wrong with this girl?

there's a crazy girl that 1 year ago randomly added an old friend of mine talked and directly wanted to hook up while they didn't even know eachother. This old friend said he also tried to hook me up while i didn't want that or asked for it but she said im not her type or something like that from the picture. I walked in the bus and saw that girl from distance didn't even give her attention but I saw her looking and even look behind her back when i sat down. Now few months later I was grocery shopping with my mother and apparantely she is also and walks by in the same lane. When she reaches the end of that lane she quickly look back like some fool. Then at the check out she was apparantely also checking out which I noticed when i had to pick something for my mother she forgot while i turn i see her stare like a weirdo again. Whats wrong with this creep.
Whats wrong with this girl?
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