She looked back at me before she left, could she maybe still be interested?

Hey guys/girls. This girl used to show interest and signs of liking me. We used to talk as well but she was shy.. We met at her job (supermarket). She used to look at me all the time. She also would have this really cute smile on her face when she walked past me, when I was around she would get nervous and shy.. that's just some of it. Sadly we haven't talked for months since she became cold for I don't know what and later on even pushed me away by telling me she had someone while she didn't and she didn't want any contact. I had to respect that but she still kept looking at me and moved closer to me on purpose and many other things which clearly showed that she still must've felt something. I found out why she acted this way.. Her sister said a lot of bad things about me.. she even told me that her sister (the girl this is about) would never fall for a type like me.. sure

We haven't seen each other for almost 2 months since she now works in another supermarket. But 2 weeks ago we saw each other again in that supermarket.. I didn't even notice her at first. I saw a girl with a mask looking at me and later realised it was her. Same thing recently, she noticed me fast. I had a friend with me. We caught her looking at me many times. Turns out she even stopped walking when she saw me. 2 days ago almost the same thing happened. I was with a guy, she was there too. She looked at me the whole damn time.. We walked past each other but she was with a co worker and I was with this dude but I also looked on my phone.. when I looked back she was looking at me. Outside the supermarket she was talking with like 2 co workers close to me while I was talking to the dude with me. I could literally feel her looking so I looked sneaky and I was right.. so before she got into the car she looked back and had to take one last look, then she left...
She looked back at me before she left, could she maybe still be interested?
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