Why does she look upset?

So this girl showed signs of interest towards me everything was going amazingly well, we talked heaps, I made her laugh, she gave me light touches and always caught her glancing at me. I didn’t know if it was her just being nice/friendly or she was actually interested. So I jokingly said along the lines of I wasn’t interested in her and she looked shocked. The next day she went cold on me it felt like so I let a week go past and it felt like she was weird with me still. I asked her what’s wrong and if I did something and she says no. I still didn’t believe her so a few more weeks had gone by and she still seemed weird. It seemed like she was playing games wanting me to notice her with other guys and flirt, try get my attention, but when I approach her she acts disinterested or busy and can’t talk, so I asked again if everything was alright and she got mad at me for keep asking her. I later saw her and she looked really upset, like emotional. I don’t know what’s wrong and she won’t tell me. I feel like it’s something to do with me.
Why does she look upset?
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