What the fuck is happening?

So, this girl added me as a friend on snap yesterday and I accepted. I asked her whether she knows me or she's just trying to increase her score. She told me that we were in the same middle school but we never talked and now she's in a highschool near my highschool. We talked a bit then I asked her why she wanted to talk to me one and a half years later. She said that she wanted me because she saw that I have " a huge dick". I don't know what the fuck but I kept typing to her that this is weird as fuck and that I don't think she's a girl since girls don't rush that fucking fast. I asked her to prove to me she's a girl. She sent me a fucking nude WTH. IN fact, 2. Am I being catfished or what is going on. I know for fact girls don't rush shit.
What the fuck is happening?
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