Why would my friend not want to talk to me?

There this girl I know Jasmine who is my friend went to a party she invited me to anyways went up to dance with her and her other friend but she walk away so I follow her and then her friend went away Jasmine started talking a someone else it fell like she didn't want to talk I try to talk to her but can't seem to have a conversation with her why would she do that I wouldn't do that to her had a talk with her but she assured me the second time that she is my friend I do have a crush on her maybe that's why she did that I don't know but that's why I told he I still like you but I just want to be her friend she seem fine the next day also I feel like she doesn't want to tell me her problems but I'm pretty sure she talk to other people about it im so confused
Why would my friend not want to talk to me?
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