Why does this other girl keep indirectly insulting me?

I’m female and I keep getting weird vibes from my sister friend. So she was over the other day, and I tend to feel so self conscious about myself when I’m around her. When I walked into the room she was in in my gym kit, she looked me up and down in a judgmental way. I like to wear floral dresses and this is the sort of fashion sense I follow, and I used to be a christian. The other day she made a backhanded comment about all Christian girls wearing ‘weird floral dresses’ and then I started to feel self conscious about what I wore. She also made another comment previously after I took up dancing lessons, saying that ‘I’ve seen all your dance photos, and you kind of have the right body for ballet’ but her friend had more of a skinny frame which suited ballet. I felt weird about her saying this and made me wonder if she was judging me negatively based on my size. She always makes videos explaining that she’s not happy with her weight and finds herself ugly and then whenever I leave her company I always end up feeling really negative about myself whereas otherwise I would’ve ended up feeling positive about myself

why does she keep indirectly insulting me?
Why does this other girl keep indirectly insulting me?
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