Have you been catfished before?

I have a girl that’s stealing my pictures off my Facebook page and catfishing people with it. I befriended her in January because I felt something was off about her. Her friend just told me about a video that’s being sent to people but refuse to tell me what it is. This chick has contacted my friends about me. She has passed my personality and characteristics off as hers. We couldn’t do anything without my life being turned into a movie. My brother has been having issues with her as well. She found some dude name David offline and got him
posing as a boyfriend turned fiancé. This guy has the same last name as my brother as well. I’m not sure if the girl knew me before adding me or Facebook or what. It’s been long term problems with her. Everything I did, have done, or planning to do she will post on her page. The guy she with now met someone else. This girl even tried to copy me having a miscarriage. I had to take down my Facebook business page because she was harassing me. I had to change my number 4 times because somehow she had gotten my number. she didn’t pick me randomly so it’s something she knows about me. This girl is planning an entire wedding totally unaware it’s fake and the dude found someone else. I thought for years it was a dude stalking me but not a girl.
Have you been catfished before?
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