Girl extremely mad over a "delayed" trip?

So i got invited over to Paris a couple of days ago by a friend and confirmed to him yesterday id come today.
My girl is all excited and wanted to hop aboard for a cool romantic trip to Paris.

Now today this guy cancels and said he would have to delay the visit.
I told my girl this; "no matter tonight or tomorow morning early we are leaving, in case it wouldn't work tonight"

So what happened was a series of unfortunate events...
  • The site wouldn't allow me to pay with my card sadly and her cards blocked, so we couldnt do anything with that...
  • She got mad (cause her other appointments also got cancelled/skipped by other people) to which i proposed i could get someone else to do it, then repay them...

It worked when i asked my friends but ofcourse, she wasn't interested anymore even tho i warned her and told her;
if tonight wouldn't work, ill be heading out in the morning def..

So now she is mad/dissapointed as hell, blaming me for "ruining" her entire day and messing the trip up

Even when i told her mom she was laughing, cause of the stupidity of the situation

Like what am supposed to do?
Im obviously sad as hell myself that the trip didn't go through, as i was excited myself too
But then again, im like; who cares? If we head out 2moro morning, we have an 2 full days for ourselves over there

I already know why she's mad and i warned her for it;
she got herself excited, i told her dont be angry if tonight doesn't work, tomorrow we have a full day...
Girl extremely mad over a "delayed" trip?
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