Should I give this girl a chance?

Basically i started talking to this girl who i met at uni res. She ended up inviting me to her room and we spent the night together and it was a great time overall (we didn't do much just cuddled and made out) but she told me how I made her feel really good and that she really wanted to see me again. I'm in engineering so I'm really busy and i actually live off campus just visiting friends when i met her.

My problem is first, she even told me, she has hooked up with 12 guys, and she told me how they were all dumb and assholes and how I'm so respectful and don't force myself on her. But i feel like i wouldn't compete with their dick game and she'd dump me for that because my friends tell me she's pretty shallow. Also she smokes weed and vapes. I really am not comfortable with that, however i texted her and told her that and she says I'm right when I told her she needs to cut down on it. My plan rn is not to rush anything and see if she A) doesn't hook up with another guy (i know we're just friends rn but it still says a lot about someone that they can't show commitment even before its official) and B) show me that she's cutting down on vaping and weed, and like for this one I would try to help her like she has depression and she's stressed a lot and uses that to help but I wanna teach her my methods. Now definitely it's still up to her, and I'm not planning on pushing her too hard cuz like it's not like she's even my girlfriend and I know she, or girls in general, don't like when a guy is too deep in their lives, especially before even being cuffed. So yeah what do you guys think, should i try to get her to do healthier things instead of vaping and weed or should I just leave her completely? I'm really not willing to get in a relationship with her until she at least attempts to fix her problems
Should I give this girl a chance?
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