What is she thinking and how do I respond?

I have a coworker whom I've known for over a decade, before I met my wife. We were emotionally close but we never dated. Despite this, we'd email each other, play pranks, go to lunch, and leave notes for each other. She fell out of my life and disappeared. I lost all contact with her, made new friends, met my now wife, and am blessed with wonderful kids. My coworker recently returned to my workplace and her reintroduction into my life has made things difficult for me, both personally and professionally.

My coworker and I never talk about our feelings - we never did even a decade ago. I don't think it's appropriate, especially given I'm married now and there's zero value in discussing it. I feel like we do a pretty good job keeping things platonic. I introduced my wife to her and they both talk and hang out on occasion.

Things became awkward recently. My coworker surprised me with a gift for a recent holiday. It meant a lot to me. But since then, she's axed me from her life. She avoids me and won’t respond to messages. I visited her cubical and asked if she was feeling okay; because I'm worried about her as I think any friend would be. She said she was busy; but she was very rude. Her behavior continued for weeks. It was hurtful because I’ve come to trust and care about her. I decided to let go. I believe this is the appropriate response from me. I am very friendly when I chance encounter her. I don’t share casual conversations with her as she’s come to expect of me.

I think my avoiding my coworker hurts her in some way. For the first time in months, she came to my office and shared an intimate story with me. I understood the context but it was cryptic to everyone else. It was like going back to our past times together ten years ago. At the end of her story she told me she was thinking of me before leaving. I was embarrassed and confused. Why avoid me and then tell me you’re thinking of me? It makes no sense to me. Does she love me? What's her goal?
What is she thinking and how do I respond?
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