Am I in the wrong?

Ok, so get this.
This one girl I was sort of dating got really angry at me and literally broke it off because of a joke. And no I am not exaggerating.
How I apparently offended her was a game we were playing together, she asked me to wear a flower hat. I wore it then jokingly said "aren't flowers sort of girly?" then I struck a pose with it. Somehow that got her vexed and she said I was a sexist perverted moron who objectified women.
At first I actually thought it was a joke, laughed and wore the flower anyway then she stormed off leaving me so confused. Next thing I know basically EVERYONE is calling me sexist and things like that.
I confront her and ask her what it's about, she explains and I say "Ok, that was clearly a joke" she then goes "I don't joke with Sexuality" then I say "So whenever you say my dick is tiny and can never satisfy you, that's alright but I can't make a simple joke?", she then says"we're done." I would've asked any of my female friends if they would've taken the joke in a bad light like she did but thanks to her exaggerations, I didn't have much of them left.

So am I really in the wrong? Because I've been so confused in this past month lol.
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Am I in the wrong?
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