Girls! I need your help about a girls sign and what they could mean?

So, there is this girl that i've got strong feelings for the last couple of months. From a crush to one that i would love to marry with in the future and to have a feature with.

Her age is the same as mine and she has a brother that I usually facetime with. He is my best friend and we facetime often. She usually comes in the background and says hi to me. Nowadays i didn't really want to facetime her brother because of i want to speak with him well not really that i dont want to, but I mostly want to facetime him because of getting the chance to say hi to his sister or eventually have a conversation with her.

Now you may wonder why i just dont text her. Like I have her on social media but im really shy that out of nowhere just text to her (by the way, her brother, that im best friends with dosent know that i like her). There is also some other reasons that i dont want to text her because, once a time she put her story on snapchat, and i answered it with laughing emojies but she hasn't opened it for almost 2 months now but she still keeps posting stories but i haven't answered them to not let that happen again which is the worst feeling, what could it mean that she dosent open the text for a long while?

But when i do post a story she answers which i ofc do it back and does'nt not open the text for a long period like she does.

Also another reason that i dont use "just go for it" principe is that their family are a very great friend of ours that we usually call eachothers "cousins" so if i did a mistake the enviroment won't be that pleasent.

So my question is what to do in this situation. Like I really really like her but I need to do something but something that is not risky for my "normal" relation with her.

One thing that I can note is that we live far away from this family, we usually meet by them coming over or we come over but now because of COVID, it didn't got possible.

I need tips by: what should i do? What do these signs mean?
Girls! I need your help about a girls sign and what they could mean?
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