Do the ladies at work think im strange?

I recently started my new job after being made redundant from my last job because of covid. Its at a printing and packing company mainly specialising in food packaging.

Im the youngest in the whole company and in my department by at least by 10 to 20 years. The second youngest is in his 30s and has a baby on the way. So i don't really have anything in common with anyone there.

I started last Wednesday and i was super nervous before i started because id been out of work since March and had no idea what i was walking into.

All the old ladys there try and baby me constantly and it's super annoying. I don't get one minute of peace there without one of them telling me to fill my water bottle up so i dont get dehydrated. They even try to feed me and stay outside of work with me till someone comes to pick me up. It sounds all very sweet i know but im a grown ass 22 year old women.

They keep asking if im shy or nervous and telling me my hands are too warm so i must be nervous like hun im working with cardboard boxes for 12 hours of crouse my hands are gonna be warm. They are constantly telling me to be myself and not to panic because i sweat a lot at work. It's a physical job of course im gonna sweat just because i can't get away with taking it slow like they do.

After work is over we all have to get changed out of are uniforms and they all get charged out in the open in front of each other whilst i go in the changing rooms. And they joke im having a shower in there and ask why i dont change with them.

For a number of reasons :

A. I don't fancy seeing naked old ladies
B. Im on my period
C. I don't always shave when i don't need to.
D. Im self conscious of my body.
E. I like my own space
F. Wardrobe malfunctions, what if i take my top off and my nips popping out my bra.
Do the ladies at work think im strange?
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