What was it like to be able to go to prom?

Because I’m a transgender woman I don’t have many happy memories from when I was a teen girl so I have so much fun making my own happy memories! 😃

Prom is one of my special happy memories. I left school because of bullying before prom but even if I didn’t I know no guy would ask me so I have fun imagining a memory where a cute guy asked me to prom and I said yes and I rented a beautiful dress and got my hair and makeup done really pretty and he picked me up in a limo and we went to prom and danced and I was the prettiest girl with the cutest guy at prom and he gave me my first kiss!! 🥰

It would help me make a more vivid and detailed memory if people who got to go to prom would tell me what it’s like 🙂 thank you!
What was it like to be able to go to prom?
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