Why did she change like this?

So long story short..

Me and my best friend been friends for over 10 years
We talked everyday
Until she stopped talking to everyone for 3months

She recently got back in touch with me
And now its normal again

she's always been a tomboy/bisexual but she has changed abit:
- she used to never wear a bag when we go out to dinner so she would put some of her stuff in my bag... now she carries a bag

- she used to never care about her hair, never dyes it a different color.. she asked for my hairdresser and now goes to my hairdresser to do her hair

- she never cared about her nails.. but when she sees my nails, she asked where I did it and how much... she now wants to do her nails

What are the reasons why she changed like this?
I asked if she's dating anyone.. but she's not
Or is she trying to copy me?
Not trying to be arrogant
she's trying to copy you
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Why did she change like this?
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