I love her but she is so damaged and unwilling to heal... How do I help?

Alright girls. A life is on the line and you need to tell me how to save her.

I love this girl. She grew up in a very remote village where the community there is all kinds of fucked up. she's witnessed all manners of sexual abuse, assault, murder, animal cruelty, and police brutality while growing up in a house of weed growers.

she's been smoking weed since she ws 14 and cigarettes since she was 18. She says she's every time she's drank, she's blacked out. She has a tendancy to be violently belligerant and I've been a victim of her, not just assault, but her lying to doctors, police, and judges in an unsuccessful attempt to ruin my life just because I want to help her.

She won't drink water, only soda. She only eats instant noodles even when I cooked for her, she wouldn't touch food that didn't come out of a package. she's been hospitlized for psychotic episodes 3 times and medicated just in the time I've known her. She refuses to go to therapy and when I made her, she drank so much beforehand she vomitted and blacked out in her session.

She talks a lot about her family and their atrocities but right now theyre paying her rent and bills. She doesn't have a job or car not any apparent of acquiring either. Her resume is barren and her credit is in the shitter.

You can call her damaged goods, ask her why I even like her, call me a predator for wanting to control a damaged person, or tell me its impossible... But fk y'all I love this girl and I want to help her; if you think that is not my place, then you're a gender traitor for wanting her to stay the way she is.

I need to quell her substance abuse, balance her nutrition, supress her anxiety and depression, and put her on the path to financial stability while doing it all by myself.

Girls... Tell me how to do this while maintining a position of trust with her. Actual answers and advice only. No naysayers or harbringers.
I love her but she is so damaged and unwilling to heal... How do I help?
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