Confused on this situation with a coworker?

This one girl, I work with, we always find a way to lock eyes with each other. I found her IG account, Dm her, because I have a boundary at work where Im very focused on the tasks im doing. She not only bumped into me twice at work, but the first time she did it, we both didn't say thing, meaning no sorry or nothing. I let that one time go. we both work for the same restaurant. Also, she got food that I had to cook for her. in my eyes I thinking she wanted to see how my cooking is. the next day, I come into work, she bumps into me again, this time she apologized, I told out was "ok", then I smiled. couple days later, I asked her why she keeps looking at me, she went and told out GM about me texting her. the GM told me not to text her anymore. I don’t know, if im suppose to talk to her at work or not at all, like I have questions that need to be answered by her, but I feel its best I don't get myself into trouble anymore. can anyone understand this situation. let me know please!
Confused on this situation with a coworker?
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