Are girls really this embarrassed by pooping? Why did she care so much?

About 10 years ago, I was in driving school with this girl, let’s call her Tia. She and I hit it off day one, we flirted all the time. It got so bad that the driver instructor told us to be quiet. The driving program was set up so that we had 1 week of in classroom instruction and 6 weeks on the road.

One day during the time in classroom, Tia got up and walked to the back. A couple of minutes later, I had to go to the bathroom. There was only one bathroom and it was in the back. I tried to open the door but it was locked, I knocked and no answer. I waited like 2-3 minutes and went back to my seat. Then after like 5 more minutes I see Tia coming from the back and she’s smiling. I smiled back and decided to see if the bathroom was open. So I got up and started making my way towards the back.

The bathroom’s open, but it smelled terrible. I assume Tia was in there and took a fat dump. But I didn’t care. I used it, left, and as I’m walking back to my seat, Tia looked mortified. I tried flirting and joking with her like before, but she wouldn’t talk to me at all.

At lunch break, I asked her if she wanted to get lunch together. She ignored me and ran off with one of her friends who came to pick her up. I was hurt. I didn’t do anything wrong and I never mentioned poop to her.

Are girls really this embarrassed by pooping? We were so cool before she went to the bathroom that day.

I know that this happened nearly a decade ago, however I’m not good with women. I’ve had several failed dating and flirting attempts. The time I was cool with Tia was one of the best times with a girl in my life, in spite of how short it was. Should I have said something to comfort her? I thought not mentioning her pooping would’ve been the mature thing to do. Did her caring that much really mean she liked me or am I just being optimistic about something that would’ve never worked out anyway?
Are girls really this embarrassed by pooping? Why did she care so much?
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