Girls, What does she means when she says "I wish things were different"?

Me and my girlfriend broke up months ago and I've never got over her (I was the one who broke up with her). Recently I decided to talk to her again but she has a boyfriend and lives with him. Apparently when I told her how I feel about her, it stirred some feelings in her and amplified some. We even we out to have "closure". After we went out, she texted me that she felt happy to see me and that she had fun with me, but she felt sad at the same time and she doesn't know why. I told her how I felt and she replied with: "I wish things were different, but I can't go back to live with my mom".

Apparently she can't go live with her relative due to a discussion, so she has nowhere else to go since she has not enough money or a car to live independently. she lives in a apartment she is renting with her boyfriend and she uses his car to move around trying to find another job to pay the next month's rent. I feel she would like us to be together again but if she breaks up with her boyfriend, she will not have nowhere to go and she will lose everything she bought for new apartment, even her new dog. She even thinks that maybe she will be happier and better off with someone else and when i told her that i wish i was that someone else, she knew that and it hurt her a lot. Do you think she does have feelings for me and she's struggling?
Girls, What does she means when she says "I wish things were different"?
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