Am I just being used for attention?

I went out once with a girl from work. We don't directly work together, so I didn't worry about it too much. I thought it went good, cause she said she wanted to get together again.
She kept saying she wanted to, but she never would set a date for us to get together. She said she wanted to, but also didn't want anything serious yet and didn't want to lead me on.
I just did my thing for awhile, and I tried one last time to see if she was available, and she said she was bit stopped asking when I asked when she was off.
Now 3 days later she asked how my day off was going and if I was caught up on a show I was watching. I kept the responses short, and eventually stopped replying.

My friends at first thought that she was interested, but wanted to take things slow. But they think she's completely using me for attention.

Are they right?
She's using me for attention
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She doesn't know what she wants
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Am I just being used for attention?
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