She still likes me doesn’t she?

I was involved in a love triangle at work.

A Co worker Liked me.

My co worker / Friend liked her
I Liked Her too, but not as much as he did..

I quarantined for a month since I caught COVID.
When I came back they were dating.
He must’ve made a move while I was gone.

She used to be sweet to me, now she completely avoids me & runs from me basically.
Today we all talked & She wouldn’t even look at me, When she talked to me
She sorta rushed about what she had to say.

She’s just acting weird & uncomfortable around me...
She still has a little sweet spot for me doesn’t she?

If she was comfortable with him, why would she be so nervous around me?

she's trying her best to seem like she isn’t attracted to me
Yes she does
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She still likes me doesn’t she?
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