Dang! I was really close with this one?

Dang! everything was fine with her. all the signs she has given me was clear. When I ask her out. I thought her answer was clear until I found out later from people her answer was wishy washy with a soft no. Yesterday morning I gotten a text from my brother and he going give her furniture that she ordered from us to someone else who we know. Me and my younger brother were small Carpenters and I'm his sander. After on what she did to me my brother give me some cheering up and he knew I was very close on this one.

My brother: the right one will definitely make your life better and you deserve better...

Me: yeah... I know...

I like bbws I feel there nicer, playful and have good body figures but its very very hard to find any good ones who would match me.

by the way the girl on photo is not the girl who was seeing but it almost looked like her but with more belly.
Dang! I was really close with this one?
7 mo
she ghosted me on the spot
Dang! I was really close with this one?
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