Why does she do these things?

There’s this female coworker around my age (early 20s) who I’ve never talked to that acts strange around me, and I wanted to know if anyone could offer help in deciphering her action

When I’m distracted / preoccupied with something else I noticed she stares at me. For instance, recently I was exchanging numbers with a fellow male coworker for an upcoming party and began scanning the room for managers as we’re not supposed to have our phones out on the floor, and as I looked over she was staring me down. She did this on another occasion where I was waiting for packages so that I can sort them and as I was daydreaming I happened to catch her staring again — sometimes I’ll catch her staring and she’ll turn her head quickly.

- She does odds things towards me. For instance, if we coincidentally come in contact her eyes get really big. Another example is once I was staging boxes in the warehouse and as I went to pull the jack from underneath a box and turn around she was behind me and quickly turned her head in the opposite direction (in a 180). Also, she sometimes stares at me out the corner of her eye — for example, my buddies and I were exiting in a aisle at the warehouse after grabbing something and she had just cut in our lane and was at a distance ahead of us, but I noticed she was staring in our direction from the side of her eyes.

When I’m isolated from my friend group at work, she’ll sometimes follow me — I’ll even purposefully switch areas and would notice she would go to the same place as me

She happens to be on the shift before me, but always stays over on the shift I’m on — my coworker friend group even noticed this.

Lastly, while this is a little left field, me and this girl are of a different race (I’m AA) and on occasion if I happen to pass her — as previously stated I work in a warehouse so we’re constantly moving — when she’s talking to our coworkers (usually other black guys) and they’ll begin to turn towards me and stare blatantly in my direction.
Why does she do these things?
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