How do I tackle my girl's behaviour?

I've dated only twice and both times it was/is LDR. Every time we argued I'd just accept my mistake and sit silent in guilt, and this obviously made my girlfriend furious. The same thing happened in my second relationship too. But the thing is, whenever there is an argument she'd just come at breaking up since I'm only hurting her and not giving any positives.
Today I wished her morning and she sent me a simple "Good morning" without any emoji or stuff, I wondered if something is wrong and asked her "Is everything alright?", she replied "Yes", which made me even more curious and then i asked "Did i do something wrong?". And she got hell irritated by this and said "All you do i spoil my mood, you never change, you promised last time and here you are again".
And then she'd say she loves me. Indeed she loves me but isn't something wrong here?
I need your help guys.
How do I tackle my girl's behaviour?
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