When Girls ask for Favors?

A friend and coworker of mine- she's so awkward around me. Most times she won't answer messages or calls to do things together. Whenever I see her at work, she acts really weird. It seems she feels guilty and comes up with lame excuses for not responding to me. I never ask her why. I play it cool and treat her as my friend (I do really like her). The other day she asked me to give her a ride to the airport at midnight so she can make her flight. She said she felt uncomfortable going with anyone else or using a shuttle or cab. We've known each other for years. I know she's single. I also know she has tons of "friends", both guys and girls. Why not ask them? But whatever. I stayed up late and took her to the airport. She talked the entire time and was happy.

What's the line between asking for favors and being used?
When Girls ask for Favors?
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