Is no contact a good option qhen a girl rejected you? Why is she mad?


So we were going out. At some early point she said she only wanted to be friends. And stupid me, kept going out with her. Always me chasing, texting, me giving her attention and paying.
Some background here. she's kind of an social media local celebrity (you know, showing a fancy life she actual can't pay for and showing the goods on insta, etc) she's pretty much used for her "friends" to give her things. Going out (not dating according to her) with every guy that's willing. But at the same time she says everyone just wants yo sleep with her. Well... I guess you get paid for what you sell.
Anyway.. Tried to kiss her. Rejected me. She said again she can only be friends. Since she asked for us to be distant for a while i haven't reached out. Not even checking social media.
Is is the right move? I mean... Now i see that definetely she won't change her ways and i wouldn't be comfortable with her going out with a Bunch of "friends" and taking "gifts" from all the dudes. But for some reason i feel like a creep.
Though i am honoring what she asked. I guess
And now que keeps posting things about people being emotionaly manipulative, being honesto and suxh things. Also just keeps on xhecking my social medis.
So... Is she mad at me because in not reaching out? She expected me to keep the same level off attention i was giving? WTF?
Is no contact a good option qhen a girl rejected you? Why is she mad?
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