Why do some girls like to look sexy?

You know like girls take it too far, then complain about being sexually assaulted or abused.
Like why don't look decent, wear plan shirt and a blazer, a tie perhaps.
It also look great.
"Raymond the complete man" and what about women,
"Why there isn't a tag line like Raymond the complete women" ya it sounds weird.

Well I am still amazed that men are still the same like crime against women.

I am not saying that women are completely inocent like geting married then divorce and getting half of the hard earned money, getting kids. There are some who cheats on there boyfriend/husbands and make there boyfriend/husband as bad as shit.
If feminism means having the right to cheat or use, then I am not supporting it.
Like what I was taught to me about feminism was that women should have equal rights, and do you think it's a man's right to cheat or use. Then I am not supporting both.
Why do some girls like to look sexy?
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