Anyone else enjoy wetting themselves deliberately?

I've been doing so since my teens, 57 now and have bladder anxiety which results in incontinence if I don't wear a nappy,,,
Sometimes I'll cover my armchair with plastic and lay towels down sit up on it with the soles of my feet together, wearing only women's running tights, light grey, sip water and watch TV,,,
after about two hours I feel an urge for the loo, this lasts for about 20 minutes, I feel the pressure in my bladder building up,,,
I then experience a small involuntary leak, about 10-15 seconds later my bladder empties, nothing I can do to stop it, like my pee control muscle has been paralysed, it just floods out,,,
The discomfort of the pressure build up then release is truly awesome, and I highly recommend it as a cure for lockdown boredom lol,,,
I also love standing in the bath or shower in panties and just letting go lol,,,
It probably all started when my sister and her girlfriends held me down, and tickled me until I wet myself, hated it at the time but very grateful to her now lol,,,
Anyone else enjoy wetting themselves deliberately?
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