Why do people lead others on?

In my scenario it’s a female coworker who would shout my name, ‘bump’ into me, stare into my eyes 10sec+, genuinely laugh a lot in conversation, point her feet towards me, grab my hand intertwined fingers and squeeze it etc. Multiple coworkers also thought she had a crush on me. Also with this behavior she gives very mixed signals, very hot and cold, never initiating texts but Snapchat’s me everyday and never seems to want to actually talk about anything. Like just keeping me at a distance. Thing is she has a ex-boyfriend she still loves that broke up with her and still toys with her.
Anyway I end up asking her out and she said “ohhh, yeah” like kinda surprised. Then mumbled she’s busy that day (which was true) but she didn’t over another day so I ignored it. 2 days later she makes a off-hand comment as she’s leaving saying “should of made it a better time” like WTF.
So why lead people on? Why play games? Does she actually like me or not? This has got me a little scarred. Thank you!
Why do people lead others on?
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