Why was she (my colleague) acting like that?

Every time I caught her glance at me she looked quickly away and usually when she was close to me she looked at the floor and was avoiding eye contact. I have never been rude to my colleagues, or to other people at work. I'm a retiring person but I am definitely not shy. I do respect everyone, and I'm also kind and helpful. Yeah I do joke a few times but not that much lol. Sometimes she smiled at me, in a friendly way. But seriously why did she act like that? I'll never know the reason because I changed the department. I also don't think that she was crushing on me, she never stared at my thighs and a lot of people do stare in this area, which is uncomfortable. According to a few people it looks hot. I never noticed her looking on my body, and a few straight colleagues (women) even looked at me down xd by the way she also had a boyfriend but seriously it was a coincidence, exactly 1 week after I came to her department, they broke up. And I was new, so she also was pissed off in general. 1-2 months later she started acting like that. she is 21 by the way and I'm 18. Why was she acting like that? what do you think
Why was she (my colleague) acting like that?
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