Why would trying a drug make an alcoholic stop drinking?

I'm actually completely baffled here and would like to know if there are like adverse effects that I was unaware of.

Bit of a backstory: I'm 27 and have been drinking heavily since I was 13 years old. I quickly turned into a raging alcoholic and it, obviously, bled into my everyday life. I had tried quitting several times and got as far as maybe 3 days before the "withdrawals" became too much and caved. Thankfully I didn't destroy any relationships in the process of this or fuck up my life too terribly but I definitely had a problem.

Well... here's the thing though.. Miss raging alcoholic over here had never tried drugs. Ever. I smoked pot, sure but I was terrified of anything else. Until a month and a half ago anyways. I was feeling some type of way, on day 2 of no alcohol and decided "Fuck it. If I die, I die." I did both Mollie and Coke that night.

I have not touched alcohol since. I haven't taken any more drugs since either. For whatever reason, that night really triggered something and all of the sudden alcohol became disgusting to me. I have tried drinking since because it's my normal but I can't even make it through 2 drinks without feeling incredibly disgusting and have to stop.

This can't be normal, can it? I mean, I'm not complaining! I had been trying to quit for years and I finally somehow to nip that terrible habit. But why was it a night of drug induced frenzy that somehow triggered my quitting? Is it the chemicals?
Why would trying a drug make an alcoholic stop drinking?
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