If a girl I met on a dating app won’t talk over the phone (just text) is that a sign something’s fishy?

Here are the facts:

  • I’m in my late 30s and she is 26
  • She had one modest pic on her dating app
  • I asked her to text my number directly and we had been back and forth small talk for 2 weeks.
  • she was interested in meeting up last night but I had other plans with friends
  • I asked her to send me another pic. She looked very good in them. Not naked nor provocative. But slightly teasing. It was the same girl but it looked like it was taken in warm weather and I live in a cold winter state. She claims it was taken recently.
  • Today she said she is willing to drive over my place for a “date”. Surprised me a bit but lockdowns do limit things
  • we never talked about sex.
  • she came up with this weird comment that she had to “go to the ATM because she wants to get a blue dress before she comes over”. This is strange because why would she need cash for that? Most people pay with debit or credit cards.
  • she never asked me for any favors or money.
  • I tried calling her. There was an answer with background chatter young man and woman talking casually. But I don’t hear her voice talking to me directly
  • She tried calling me and the same thing happened. I couldn’t hear her voice. I told her I wanted to make sure she was real before I gave her my address.
I know there are a ton of dating app scams out there. Many of them are targeted to lonely guys and this girl comes of a bit weird.

She has been positive/friendly but never mentioned anything sexual. I have met up with girls who acted like her in the past. But what concerns me the most is I can’t get her to talk directly over the phone. I said I only wanted to chat for 30 seconds.

For you girls commenting on this. Please no rude/judgmental comments about this being a hook up scenario. Also don’t just tell me to avoid dating apps. Truth is my options are quite limited where I live especially with most things being locked down.
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Just want to comment that this girl is attractive but doesn’t come off as a airbrushed Instagram model type. I’ve seen plenty of that bs on dating apps (all the time). But it still came off as weird.

If she’s weird I really don’t care as long as she’s real. But these scam artists are pretty smart and creative.
If a girl I met on a dating app won’t talk over the phone (just text) is that a sign something’s fishy?
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