Why do some women lead men on?

Not a question. A rant.

Yes, I got turned down by a girl I fancied, but oh well, it isn't the first time and I can take it no problem.

I pick up on cues quite well, except in this case maybe.

She was literally showing plenty of signs the attraction was somewhat mutual, but turns out she wasn't and she "does it to everyone".

If she does it to everyone no wonder some guys she isn't into are asking her out or making moves. It shouldn't come as a surprise.

Major turnoff recently was her saying "I don't want to dress classy, I want to dress like a slut". Right... this ladies, is the nail in the coffin for most guys. Not only that but ladies who are extremely flirting with everyone are a massive turn off too.

Obviously not all women are like this, I've met plenty who are honest about what they want and what they don't want and don't lead people on like this.
Why do some women lead men on?
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