Need help understanding this behaviour?

So basically I met this one girl and we started hitting it off really really well. So we talked a lot, she teased a bit naughtily and all. Yet after all that she tells me that there sa guy she has a huge crush on and that they stopped talking for whatever reason!
Eith me she does everything to keep the snap streak going for whatever reason while as he has a crush she should do it with him! She didn’t tell it to me at first!
so we continued talking, even evolved to a bit of teasing, even to sexring and it goes well!
Then she tells to me again about her crush, how maybe she want to talk to him again but he’s afraid to because he said he might not want a commitment and all! They’ ended texting because apparently he sent her a photo of his manhood! And apparently it disturbed her!
while she’s a posting things from me that she doesn’t accept from him!
i have to admit I’m a bit mind boggled here so if anyone could shed some lights on!
Need help understanding this behaviour?
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